Canadian VoIP 911 Service

Your subsribers expect you to provide true 9-1-1 service. You're a small company and can't afford the hundreds to thousands of dollars charged by the major players in VoIP 9-1-1. That's how it was for us, too, until recently...

We're proud to be able to provide real 9-1-1 service with a real 9-1-1 service provider for the small guy. We are able to do this because we went ahead and contacted one of the big guys and explained our situation. As a result, we're proud to be able to offer the VoIP 911 service your small business needs.

  • Priced for Small to Medium Canadian providers
  • Best pricing available for providers with less than 350 subscribers
  • Service meets or exceeds CRTC requirements
  • Address updates take affect the same day they are submitted
  • Call takers are bilingual
  • Access to every PSAP / local agency across Canada
  • Average answer time of 99% of calls on the first ring

To quote our service provider, "In Canada we believe that we are the only company that is connected to all five ILECs (Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers) across the country. Because of this, we are able to route calls down the primary trunks of the PSAP / Police / Fire / Ambulance agencies anywhere in the country. This is the method as recommended by the CRTC and demanded by some cities."

If you have even one subscriber, we are here to help. Please consult the pricing grid below for how affordable real 9-1-1 service can be.

DescriptionPrice (Canadian)
One-time Implementation Charge $99.00
Minimum Monthly Charge
Includes service for your first 25 DIDs
Subscribers 1-25 (each, monthly) included
Subscribers 26-75 (each, monthly) $1.75
Subscribers 75-150 (each, monthly) $1.15
Subscribers 151 and up (each, monthly) $0.85

This service is now live. Your end users can have VoIP 9-1-1 calls answered by real emergency operators the same week you sign on.

USA E911 Service: Please contact me if you are interested in US E911 support. It's available immediately - $100 USD set up + $50 USD monthly minimum commitment. Same pricing as above, except in US Dollars.

Please contact Trevor Peirce at for more information or to get started.

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